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Verbal NDA for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is Lifted

Posted Date / 12.01.23

Starting December 1, 2023, all participants of Pantheon’s Pre-Alpha phase are now free to talk about their experiences with the game. Prior to today, testers were only permitted to discuss the game on designated private platforms. The decision to lift the verbal NDA comes a few months after Pantheon’s Pre-Alpha servers became available for full-time, 24/7 access. Since then, much content has been added and refined, bugs fixed, new systems implemented, and existing systems polished.

“Our community has been great in providing feedback and reporting issues during Pre-Alpha,” states Director of Communications, Ben Dean. “We are proud of where that has taken us, and we feel it’s time for the game to speak for itself, starting with those who have been playing it.”

The verbal NDA has been lifted, but a visual NDA remains in place for now, with an opportunity for participants to visually share their experiences coming at the end of the month.