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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Secures Significant Private Investment

Posted Date / 07.21.22

In an important development for the MMORPG community, Visionary Realms, the developer behind Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, has secured an additional $2.4 million in private investments in Series A3, totaling $5.34 million in investment capital to date. The private sources of the investment have chosen to be left nameless.

Up until now, the team at Visionary Realms have been able to develop Pantheon with the aid of considerable financial support from the community through crowdfunding. However, the news of recent private investment illustrates that the game has both the support of the community, and the backing of financial investors, emblematic of the confidence in both Visionary Realms and in Pantheon.

Chris Rowan, the CEO and Chairman of Visionary Realms, will be speaking about the investment on a special CohhCarnage stream on Wednesday July 27th at 11am PDT. In this stream he will provide more information about the investment as well as how the funds will help Visionary Realms bring Pantheon to life. Chris worked on Sony’s earliest gaming efforts while living in Tokyo, has built and taken technology startups public, ran several successful venture funds, and assisted multiple startups from establishment to exit. He has a great deal of experience in all aspects of business management, planning, strategy and financial matters in companies of various stages.

Wednesday’s upcoming meeting with the community illustrates Visionary Realms’ commitment to their fans, going the extra mile to ensure that the community is informed about the status of the game, and important updates regarding the development process.