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Pantheon Alpha Pledges to Join Scheduled 24-hour Pre-Alpha Sessions

Posted Date / 11.14.23

Coming in December of this year, Visionary Realms is inviting all Pantheon pledges at the Pathfinder’s level and above to join Pre-Alpha testing for scheduled 24-hour sessions. The date of the first session will be announced later this year. This is not the start of the Alpha phase of development, but instead offers pledges a preview of the testing environment during Pre-Alpha. Scion of the Blackrose pledge tier and above will continue to have 24/7 access to Pre-Alpha testing.

Starting in September of 2023, Pre-Alpha testing servers became available for round-the-clock access. The access was provided in order to gather more relevant and consistent data for MMORPG development; to provide a sustainable game loop so pledges would continue to want to log in, despite limited content in Pre-Alpha; and the potential of adding revenue to help accelerate development. The addition of periodic 24-hour sessions for more pledge tiers will provide Visionary Realms with more data points from a much larger player base.