Technical Artist / Shader Engineer

Posted on / 11.04.20

Visionary Realms is looking for an experienced Technical Artist with a passion for building worlds. The candidate has a strong understanding of writing shaders and has experience in Unity. This is a remote, full-time contracted position for three months.

Visionary Realms is a small, independent studio working remotely. We are strongly committed to our project and are looking for like-minded individuals who are able to perform reliably and independently, and who are able to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Required Experience

  • Shipped a minimum of two desktop-class games built with Unity
  • Intermediate-Advanced Unity experience, including 2019.4.X (LTS)
  • Comfortable with built-in Unity renderer (non SRP)
  • Experience with extending Unity’s built-in post effects stack

Contract Deliverables

  • Write Terrain Shader
  • Simple/Standard PBR shader which utilizes splatmap input applied to decimated/UVed geometry
  • Must play well with the current post effect stack
    • Update Tri-Planar Shader
    • World space tile projection, not scale dependent
    • Needs to play well with current heightmap blending
  • Update Speedtree Shader
  • Base Shader
  • Billboard Shader
    • Other technical art services as they are planned and scheduled

    Please send your resumé to with the subject line: Technical Artist Application. Applications without an included portfolio will not be considered.