Technical Artist (VFX)

Posted on / 09.26.22

Visionary Realms is looking for a Technical Artist with experience working in VFX . The candidate has a strong understanding of writing shaders, creating impactful VFX with a strong understanding of timing, and has experience in Unity. This is a remote, full-time, contracted position.

At Visionary Realms, you will have an opportunity to join an ambitious team united by our love for the MMORPG genre and a desire to highlight and elevate the social features and player interdependencies that our genre is uniquely poised to provide. We are seeking talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our team, broaden the diversity of our ideas, and unleash their creativity in building an expansive and captivating fantasy world.

The Technical Artist (VFX) will work in close collaboration with Art, Programming, and Design teams to achieve intended aesthetic and gameplay goals in the Unity game engine within a tight iteration and feedback loop. Candidates should have a strong understanding of shaders and shader graphs, composition, color, and timing in order to produce captivating effects for abilities, environments, and characters in Unity’s High Definition Rendering Pipeline. Our ideal candidate will have experience in creating shaders and effects for a large variety of gameplay elements including weather effects, water and underwater biomes, material shaders, and combat effects.


  • Visualize, create, and implement shaders, 3D effects and motion graphics in Unity using external tools such as Maya, Photoshop, and proprietary software.
  • Collaborate with Art and Design teams to develop workflows for creating shaders & VFX for abilities, environments, and characters.
  • Collaborate with the Programming team to develop tools supporting shader & VFX pipelines.
  • Confirm the quality of work once assets are integrated into the game and make necessary fixes and improvements as needed.
  • Understand and utilize methodologies to ensure performance and
  • Know the game intimately by actively play-testing and verifying the quality of effects from a player’s perspective.
  • Maintain a duty of care ethic to ensure work consistently meets established requirements, expectations, and deadlines.
  • Maintain supporting documentation as needed.


  • 2+ years’ experience creating Technical Art and VFX for video games.
  • A portfolio exhibiting strong Technical Art and VFX creation skills for game engines including complexity, composition, and timing.
  • Expertise in graph-based Shader and VFX creation in game engines, as well as Photoshop or equivalent software.
  • Ability to create PBR materials and all associated maps for new or existing assets.
  • Strong background in Unity development and workflows.
  • Varied and demonstrable Technical Art and VFX experience creating complex shaders and detailed VFX for abilities, environments, and characters within technical constraints.
  • A strong artistic vision that can visualize VFX in their entirety and ability to detail those effects with minimal concept art or direction as needed.
  • Able to attend required meetings and maintain a schedule of asset delivery.
  • Excellent communication skills, a self-driven mindset and the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
  • Willingness and ability to self-critique, and receive and adopt constructive criticism to make artistic adjustments.
  • A strong work ethic and self-motivation towards creative problem-solving.
  • A passion for the MMORPG genre.

Preferred Candidates Will Be:

  • Experienced working within Unity’s HDRP renderer, including Shader and VFX graphs.
  • Comfortable programming in C# to create or modify certain Shaders or effects.
  • Able to self-produce VFX concept art to supplement asset backlogs as needed.
  • Located within 4 hours of a continental United States time zone.

Please send your resume to with the subject line: Technical Artist (VFX) Application. Applications without an included portfolio or demo reel will not be considered.