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Visionary Realms Debuts Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen at GDC 2016

Posted Date / 03.18.16

Prior to GDC this year Visionary Realms debuted an early version of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen to the world for the first time via The response was greater than expected. Over 1500 concurrent users had tuned in to see Pantheon for the first time with over 8000 unique viewers in a single night. The chat channel in twitch remained positive and excited throughout the stream. An archive of the video and its chat can be found on Twitch.

The following week the team visited San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. Inviting potential business partners, investors and press from dozens of backgrounds and locations, Visionary Realms continued to impress. Overwhelmingly positive feedback was given from nearly all in attendance with several network stories springing up in the wake. These articles can be seen on Game Informer, Gamers Nexus and

A good start to 2016, Visionary Realms plans to continue wowing audiences as development of its flagship MMORPG continues.