An Inspired Team With A Unified Dream

Our team has come together from all corners of the earth because we share the same vision: to bring lost elements of great MMORPGs to the current generation. We are driven to create an all-new future for the genre.

  • Board of Directors

    Visionary Realms' Board of Directors manages the company's affairs, vision, mission and values.

    David Reitman, Chris Rowan and Brad McQuaid comprise the Board of Directors

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  • Chris Rowan

    Chairman and CEO

    Coming from a wealth of experience in start ups, venture capital, IPOs and upper management in multinational corporations, Chris serves as a diverse and well-seasoned CEO at Visionary Realms.

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  • Brad McQuaid

    Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

    No stranger to the industry, Brad has been involved in games development for nearly 20 years and continues to push new boundaries in the MMO gaming genre.

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  • Tim Sullivan

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    With over 25 years of financial and operational management experience, Tim plays a vital role in upper management of Visionary Realms.

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  • Chris Perkins

    Creative Director

    As creative as they come, Chris plays a fundamental role in the development and vision of Visionary Realms' games.

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  • Ben Dean

    Producer and Director of Communications

    Ben is a recognized influencer, advisor, and marketer specializing in the MMORPG space since 2005.

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