Environment Artist

Posted on / 10.04.18

Visionary Realms is looking for an experienced Environment Artist for our upcoming fantasy MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. The ideal candidate will be responsible for modeling a wide variety of 3D art assets and composing 3D game environments that meet modern standards using the Unity engine. A strong preference is for candidates located in the San Diego, California region, however we will consider exceptional non-local applications as well. This is a full-time contracted position. Priority consideration is given to those with 2+ years of experience, having shipped at least one title.


  • Utilize concept art to model and texture compelling assets and environments using PBR pipelines.
  • Deliver content on schedule that meets technical and Unity specific requirements.
  • Perform as a key contributor of the 3D art production process.
  • Work with Programming, Audio and Design departments to ensure all work meets technical and game play requirements.
  • Understand the technical requirements of our efficient art pipeline, including intimate knowledge of tools used.
  • Ensure all work asset output is clean and organized within each file as well as file structure and storage hierarchy.
  • Document process as necessary.


  • A fast and efficient 3D modeler with professional experience sculpting and modeling high quality 3D art assets.
  • A confident world builder with professional experience composing large-scale 3D environments.
  • Must exhibit a keen eye for lighting, shade, color and detail in crafting texture maps and materials.
  • Able to collaborate well with the Creative team in maintaining a consistent modeling and texturing style for environment assets.
  • Understanding of creative and technical challenges particular to video game art production.
  • Must be able to provide a demo reel or examples of professional work with a breakdown of your contributions to projects/shots and an accompanying resume.

Key Strengths

  • Self-motivated towards solving creative problems and a strong work ethic.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to take direction well.
  • High-energy and positive approach.
  • Dedicated to to the role. Highly determined and driven mindset to achieve.
  • Possess a “duty of care ethic” to ensure all work delivered to the departments meets the requirements.
  • A willingness to know the game intimately by actively play-testing and viewing how the art assets relate within the context of the game world.

To Apply:

Please send your resumé and portfolio to with the subject line: Environment Artist Application. Applications without an included portfolio will not be considered.