Art Director

Posted on / 05.04.17

Visionary Realms is looking for an experienced, professional and working Art Director to set and maintain the art style and visual fidelity for the upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

The Art Director will work closely with the Creative Director and upper management to ensure Pantheon’s visual identity remains consistent with overall creative vision and design philosophy. The Art Director will collaborate with other department directors, manage artist staffing, oversee production of the visual development team, and direct artists to establish and maintain visual style and identity expressed via cutting-edge MMO graphics while ensuring quality and stylistic consistency. This position is a ‘working’ Art Director position ideally capable of not only management and direction but also skilled with the creation of 2D, 3D, and concept art.

The ideal candidate plays and enjoys games, has a passion for MMOs, and keeps current and learned with the visual styles and trends of modern games.


  • Work with the Creative Director to communicate and execute Pantheon’s art style and vision across all of the creative teams
  • Set and maintain the art style for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen in all aspects from environments, characters, to final UI, while maintaining consistency
  • Coordinate with marketing and PR to showcase game visuals
  • Demonstrate art ability in 2D and 3D mediums, with strong foundations in color, composition, and form
  • Capable and willing to work with pertinent departments to execute on the studio’s vision
  • Understand the technical requirements of the current art pipeline and further ways to optimize the pipeline
  • Intimate knowledge of 2D and 3D tools, processes, and timelines for all art disciplines


  • At least one title shipped as an Art Director
  • Excellent leadership, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Ability to work with all disciplines to find efficient methods for implementing the artistic vision best presented in massively multiplayer online games
  • Previous experience managing and mentoring a team of artists
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Unity and popular 2D and 3D applications such as Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, etc.
  • Strong understanding of model and texture optimization, atlasing and model LODding
  • Self-motivated with a strong work ethic
  • Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Game Art & Design a plus


  • This position is located at Visionary Realms HQ in north San Diego County, California
  • Moderate travel to occasionally meet with remote members of the art team will also be necessary

To apply please send a cover letter along with your current resume to