3D Environment Artist

Posted on / 05.04.17

Visionary Realms seeks environment artists for the upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Candidates are skilled at creating 3D modular architecture, props, hard-surface models, foliage and other environmental elements in order to help us create an epic, fun, high fantasy virtual world that players will love to explore. Artists will be expected to apply their skills in a wide variety of ways depending on the day-to-day needs of the project. We are extremely interested in artists who share our passion for art, world creation, the high fantasy genre, and MMO games.


  • Sculpt high-resolution props and hard surface models in Zbrush, 3D Coat, Modo or similar software
  • Create efficient modular architecture and props with strong reusability
  • Create clean, low-resolution game topology, UVs, and LODded 3D models
  • Produce high quality textures for PBR workflows. (Production experience with Substance Painter / Designer and / or Quixel Suite a plus)
  • Work with game designers in creating an epic fantasy world that improves the player’s experience, filling it with a desire to adventure and explore
  • Design and create fantastic yet believable spaces with a focus on mood and storytelling
  • Understand the technical requirements of our efficient art pipeline, including intimate knowledge of the tools used


  • Drawing, sculpting, and other traditional art skills a plus
  • Must be able to provide a demo reel or examples of professional work with a breakdown of your contributions to the projects/shots, and an accompanying resume
  • Self-motivated, with a strong work ethic
  • Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Game Art & Design a plus


  • This position preferably located at Visionary Realms HQ in North San Diego County, California, however we will consider non-local applicants as well

To apply please send a cover letter along with your current resume to